Let's get to know us

That’s me on the left, top left not with the hood, and this is my lovely family. When I am not nerding around on the computer, I like to spend my time with them. My family also gives me a good sense of the value of time, which is why I like to work fast and have time to relax.

My career in tech goes back to a Christmas present I got on my 10th birthday, a Commodore 64, back in Ireland. Once I got bored with the game or 2 we had, I started to play with the Basic language on there, however not being wealthy and not having a tape deck to save my progress, I had to rewrite the same code every day. So Space Invaders took me an hour or 2 to code and play, fun!

Since then I have been fascinated with computers and technology, leading to a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science/Software Engineering, back in 199-something!

Since then I have been a techie, a developer, a front-end dev, backend, software consultant, technical account manager, web developer, you name it and I have probably touched it at some point.

So, nice to meet you, if you need a software developer or a technical consultant, gimme a shout,

Oisín Mac Giolla Chuda